Privacy Policy

※ General rules 1. ALLICO complies with the "Personal Information Protection Directive" and the "Technical and Administrative Protection Measures for Personal Information" established by the Ministry of Information and Communication, as well as the personal information protection regulations of the Act on the Promotion of Information and Communication Network Utilization and Information Protection. ALLICO also declares that it will do its best to protect the personal information of members by establishing "Privacy Policy".
2. ALLICO's "Privacy Policy" may be amended by changes in relevant laws and governmental guidelines and changes in ALLICO's internal policies. If ALLICO's "Privacy Policy" is changed, the changes will be posted on the ALLICO homepage for at least 7 days.

※ Privacy ALLICO agrees to collect your personal information by clicking on the "I agree" button with a process by which you can click the "I Agree" button or the "I Disagree" button on the contents of ALLICO's Terms of Use see. In addition, when you click the "I agree" button, the following items of personal information collection except for "password" and "resident registration number" are considered to be agreed by ALLICO to provide to the subcontractor to fulfill the service .
1.The scope of "personal information" shall be determined by the provisions of the Act on the Promotion of Information and Communication Network Utilization and Information Protection, and shall include the following information: "Information on surviving individuals, including personal information, (Including information that can be easily identified and combined with other information even if the information alone can not identify a specific individual). "
2. ALLICO collects and uses the personal information of its members for confirmation of the user, confirmation of the owner of the service, customized services for individual members, and other additional services. The specific purpose of collecting and using the personal information items collected are as follows. - Name, ID, Password: Used for identity verification process using membership service, - Identification of owner of service - E-mail address and telephone number: Secure communication for ensuring essential information according to domain management regulations, communicating notices, handling complaints, etc. - Guidance of securing route, new service and new product or event information
3. ALLICO does not manage personal information of members.
4. It does not require sensitive personal information (such as race and ethnicity, ideology,creed, place of birth, home address, political orientation and criminal record, health status, and sex life) that may be of concern to the user's basic human rights violations.
5. Retention period of personal information is "from the moment the member joins ALLICO to the moment of cancellation application". ALLICO's membership database is subject to deletion of personal information of withdrawal applicant immediately after withdrawal. However, even if the purpose of collecting and the purpose for which it has been provided is fulfilled, if it is necessary to preserve it in accordance with the provisions of the Act, the personal information of the customer may be retained in accordance with the provisions of the Act.
- Records on withdrawal of contract or subscription: 5 years
- Record of payment and goods supply: 5 years
- Records of consumer complaints or disputes: 3 years, etc.

※ Providing information about third parties 1. ALLICO will not disclose your personal information to anyone or any other company or organization without your permission.
However, except as follows.
- Providing the applicant's information to the registrant of the domain for the registration of the domain name - Providing for the WHOIS service for the domain name
- At the request of national organizations or government-designated consumer groups in accordance with related laws such as information network promotion and information protection, etc.
- If the dispute resolution agency or the court asks for the registrant's contact information in the dispute
- If there is a criminal purpose for the crime, or a request from a statutory organization such as the Information Communication Ethics Committee or the Korea Information Security Agency
- provided for statistical writing, promotional materials, academic research or market research, in a form that is not identifiable as a specific customer
2. ALLICO will provide individual members' personal information to their partners in order to provide a wider range of services, and will seek individual consent before sharing them with their partners. You will be notified through e-mail of your whereabouts, where the personal information items are provided or shared, why such personal information should be shared, and how they are protected and managed If you do not agree, do not provide it to the affiliate or share it with the affiliate.

※ Viewing and correcting personal information 1. Members of ALLICO can read or correct their personal information at any time. If you want to view and correct your personal information, log on to the ALLICO site and click the "Change Information" button next to the Logout button.
2. If you lose your ID and password, you can check your ID or password through the "Check ID / Password" service on the homepage.
3. I am responsible for the management of ALLICO member IDs and passwords. To effectively protect your personal information, you must properly manage and account for your membership ID and password. ALLICO will not be liable for any leakage of your ID and password. However, ALLICO's liability and / or willful misconduct may result in the customer being responsible for ALLICO's liability. After using the website using ALLICO's account, please end the account and close the window of the web browser. In particular, if you share your computer with others or use it in a public place, you must log out or close your web browser.

※ Withdrawal ALLICO members can leave at any time. Membership can be withdrawn from membership information management screen.

※ Technical measures to protect personal information ALLICO has the following technical measures to protect your personal information from loss, theft, leakage, alteration or damage.
1. Individual personal information of members is protected by password, and personal information data is protected by separate security function.
2. Each member's password establishes and enforces the password creation rules so that the user and the personal information handler do not use the easy-to-guess numbers such as birthday, social security number, and telephone number as the password.
3. ALLICO uses anti-virus programs and anti-malware software to prevent computer viruses from harming the computer.
4. ALLICO encrypts and stores personal information in a personal information protection system. When ALLICO sends personal information outside the information communication network of ALLICO or stores it on a PC, ALLICO encrypts and stores the personal information.

※ Feedback and complaints processing If you have any complaints about ALLICO's personal information protection, please let us know your personal information manager and we will notify you of the result.

※ Establishment and enforcement of personal information management plan ALLICO will comply with the Company's regulations to comply with the following requirements.
1. Matters concerning the organization and operation of personal information protection duties, including designation by the person in charge of personal information management
2. Matters concerning the education of the personal information handler
3. Maintain access record and regular check of personal information processing system
4. Protective measures for personal information output and copying
5. Other matters necessary for the protection of personal information

※ Person in charge of personal information management ALLICO has designated a personal information manager responsible for collecting opinions and complaints about personal information.
- Personal information manager
Last Name:
Director: Etherium Research Team
Phone: 02-2070-7431

※ About advertising information transmission 1. ALLICO members can send free e-mails about services provided by ALLICO, announcements of services, etc.
2. ALLICO can send advertising information to members. However, in such a case, the word (advertisement) will be displayed to make it easy for the members to recognize the advertisement information.